Healthy recipes

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. On this page we give you the most important information about healthy meals and easy recipes. This information is good and scientifically substantiated and is in line with the Nutrition Center. So do you need inspiration for a tasty recipe or healthy dinner ? Then take a look around.

Easy healthy recipes

Here you will find easy meals that you can make in an instant. These are recipes that often take less than 15 to 30 minutes to prepare and contain good nutrients. In these recipes we use pasta, quinoa, couscous, chicken, sweet potato, bread and rice. These food sources form a good basis for a healthy meal and contain good nutrients.

This recipe page also contains enough vegetarian recipes with, for example, sweet potato or quinoa. With all this inspiration, you can easily put together a delicious menu for when you want to eat healthier.

Healthy recipes with few calories

Even if you’ve had a busy day and are looking for an easy recipe with few calories, you’ve come to the right place. These recipes taste very good and are part of a responsible diet. Consider, for example, different salads.

On this page you will find all kinds of recipes that are healthy and delicious. You can think of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Cheap healthy recipes

You often read that healthy food is expensive, but the opposite is true. There are plenty of tasty dinner recipes that are very nutritious and cost no more than 2.5-3 euros. This is cheaper than if you get something from the snack bar or pizzeria. In short, healthier food and a healthy menu does not have to be expensive at all.

Healthy recipes: what are they?

The core of healthy cooking is little use of processed products. That is why our advice is to choose ingredients with little added sugar, salt and saturated fat. For example, make your dinner with fresh ingredients, instead of cooking with packages and bags and ready-made products.

We also have more and more vegetarian recipes and low-carbohydrate recipes, because we notice that there is an increasing demand for this. Most of our recipes are quite slim, so it’s useful when you want to  lose weight . In addition, we also have plenty of tasty recipes that are a little less lean, but fit into a healthy diet. A piece of cake or a pancake is fine every now and then!

In addition, we recommend that you vary a lot with vegetables, fruit, nuts, dairy and carbohydrate sources such as rice and pasta types. Moderate with red meat. It is also wise to eat bread daily. Once a week, opt for fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel.

Healthy breakfast recipes

A healthy breakfast meets a number of criteria:

Examples of a healthy breakfast are this delicious  blackberry smoothie ,  mango smoothie  or  yogurt with strawberries . We also have tasty savory recipes for those who prefer them. Such as  avocado with egg  from the oven.

Looking for healthy recipes for lunch?

Below you will find an overview of suggestions for healthy lunch recipes:


Bread is a responsible choice as a lunch recipe . A sandwich is easy to prepare, nutritious and contains complex carbohydrates, many minerals, vitamins, fiber and proteins. In addition, this food source contains added iodine. If you do not eat bread, there is a chance that you are getting too little iodine. This can lead to health problems in the longer term. Preferably choose wholemeal bread or brown bread. These breads contain more fiber than white bread.

A healthy salad

You can also alternate a bread lunch with a nutritious salad. For example, make your own pasta salad. Do you often find that the salad is no longer fresh? Then take your dressing with you, because then the salad will stay fresh more often. We also recommend making the dressing yourself. Homemade dressings often contain less salt and sugar than prepackaged dressings. In addition, opt for whole grain pasta. This way your salad contains more fiber.

Example recipe yogurt dressing:

A hot meal

You can also eat a warm meal for lunch. For example, if you had something left over during dinner the previous evening.


A tasty homemade soup with, for example, wholemeal baguette is also a responsible choice for lunch. Moderate with stock and preferably opt for a low-salt stock cube. A normal stock cube contains a lot of salt.

See  here  for example, the recipe for the delicious homemade pumpkin soup. Super healthy!

Healthy low-calorie recipes for weight loss

Healthy recipes for weight loss contain a lot of vegetables and fiber, possibly a low-calorie sauce and sufficient protein.

The following tips will help you with this:

Healthy dinner recipes

For many people, dinner is the biggest meal. A nutritious evening recipe contains the necessary vegetables, fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates and not too much salt and sugar. But how do you make such a healthy recipe?

The following tips will help you to cook healthy and lean for dinner:

Step 1:  Choose your vegetable; fresh or frozen. Prefer not to have a cream variant. The guideline is 250 grams of vegetables per day.

Step 2:  Choose your carbohydrate source. Preferably go for fiber-rich products. For example, make dishes with brown rice or whole grain pasta.

Step 3:  Choose your protein source. Such as chicken, lean ground beef, fish or a vegetarian alternative such as tofu. Around 75-100 grams is sufficient.

Step 4:  Choose your sauce. Be careful with packages and bags that are ready-made; these often contain a lot of salt and fat. Preferably go for light products such as crème fraîche light or coconut milk light instead of regular crème fraîche or coconut milk. Beware of sugary prepackaged sauces such as peanut sauce or curry (preferably no more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml). Preferably also choose products without added sugar.

Step 5:  Use healthy fats such as olive oil and cooking & frying oil. Be moderate, given the many calories that fat contains.


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